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Our goal here at Soul Purpose is to enlighten you about “your soul purpose”! We truly want to help you find your truth through Love, clarity and healing. We protect your anonymity, as this thing called “life” is a personal journey to reach your higher self!

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Hello everyone… My name is Michelle Armor. I am the owner and founder of Michelle’s Soul Purpose (but I go by Soul Purpose). My whole life I knew something was different about me even as a young child. I was able to see and communicate with spirit, and hear/see/sense the lives and thoughts of others. I noticed it right around the age of 3-ish. I spent a lot of time alone as a child, but never “felt” alone. I didn’t realize how connected I was until the age of 9-is ( If you come to know me, you will see that I love the word “-ish”). Time for me seems to fade away… In this beautiful thing called LIFE! Well enough about me, Lets talk about you…. I want to thank you first, for stopping by! And most importantly ‘if you make and/or have had an appointment” with ME or any of the other READERS/HEALERS at Soul Purpose… I WANT TO THANK YOU for allowing me/us into your lives…. NAMASTE

REMEMBER…. Serenity Comes From Within!

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